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ComputerTech312 f22a79429a Applied PEP 8 style. | Added number lines on view_paste. | Improved some of the code and fixed some bugs. 2024-03-27 19:20:58 +01:00
ComputerTech312 577fa4683c Added a char limit to prevent abuse. 2023-12-13 03:24:42 +00:00
ComputerTech312 e4892fb37d cleaned up some stuff 2023-12-12 23:51:13 +00:00
Julian Marcos 26e6cfd0fe
Escape HTML before showing to the user
ComputerTech had issues with some characters being treated as HTML
characters when they really shouldn't be treated as such.
So I made this fix.
2023-09-25 06:08:49 +02:00
Julian Marcos adb3059f39
Also show secret in paste creation page
The secret is in the url and that's more of a developement like page but
it's good to show the data.
2023-09-21 19:51:15 +02:00
Julian Marcos 601bdb6a10
Make client not send the secret to the server
The client was accidentally sending the secret to the server when
reading messages, this commit makes it so that doesn't happen.
2023-09-21 02:14:01 +02:00
Julian Marcos afc253081d
Merge remote-tracking branch 'examknow/e2ee' 2023-09-21 00:03:29 +02:00
launchd 32a0b60458 overhaul backend logic, introduce e2ee
All backend operations now occur via a RESTful API via AJAX requests.
All content is encrypted at rest and in transit to the client and is
encrypted/decrypted on the client's browser.
2023-09-19 23:44:55 -05:00
launchd 14b6e89ebd add header div 2023-09-19 19:30:27 -05:00
launchd 9d82e2c147 rework dark mode handling for efficiency 2023-09-19 19:10:48 -05:00
computertech312 db1a72fb29 Added feature to auto set theme to what the OS has. 2023-09-19 05:06:40 +01:00
computertech312 183436e17f Added a page for 404 and fixed dark theme toggle colours 2023-09-16 21:38:28 +01:00
computertech312 c039be7691 <commit_message> 2023-09-16 03:23:58 +01:00
Colby 35fc5376c1
Add files via upload 2023-09-16 01:26:53 +01:00